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[News] Long Awaited Half-Life Remake/Mod “Black Mesa: Source” is Released!


[News] Long Awaited Half-Life Remake/Mod “Black Mesa: Source” is Released!

Unless you’ve been under a rock for the last ~8 years, you’ve probably heard of the long awaited Black Mesa: Source, a mod of the newest Source engine to emulate an entire remake of the original Half-Life. After countless delays, the countdown on their official Black Mesa: Source website has finally reached zero. Are you ready for the download?

All you need is a previous Source game in order to play the free mod. Don’t have any Source games? You can download the Source SDK right here. After that, you should be golden!

Enjoy your time in Black Mesa: Source. They’re waiting for you, Gordon.

Download Black Mesa: Source.

Download Source 2007 SDK.

UPDATE: Obviously the servers are certainly struggling right now, as most likely 30% of the internet is trying to download the free mod. Sit tight, and I’m sure you’ll be able to download it soon enough.

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