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[News] Square Enix Announces Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII


[News] Square Enix Announces Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII


Just today, as part of celebrations for their 25th birthday, Square Enix officially announced the latest entry in the Final Fantasy XIII series, a full-fledged console entry entitled Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. (Because XIII-3 would just be silly)

For this game, director Motomu Toriyama is pushing two main motifs: “Lightning returns,” and “world driven.” The plot, in which Lightning must prevent the world from destruction within thirteen days,  is being pitched as her “final battle,” so this hopefully means that this will be the last we see of XIII. The latter is somewhat worrying, as the game and real world will apparently be able to interact with each other through Facebook. Hopefully this brings a new and interesting concept to the table, but at the moment, the only word that comes to mind is “shoehorn.” Time will tell, and with luck, we will be able to see more of this game soon.

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