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[News] New Deets & Pics on Rockman Xover


[News] New Deets & Pics on Rockman Xover

Coming in hot from the folks over at The Mega Man Network, we’ve got some more details on the new social RPG hitting the iOS with the Rockman brand slapped onto it: Rockman Xover.

That’s pronounced “Crossover” by the way, and not “Zover”. Although Zover is funnier because, well, Rockman’s Over.

To bring you up to speed, Rockman Xover was recently announced for the Japanese iOS audience for this autumn, followed by a confirmation for North America and Europe at a later date. The game’s premise is set on space-time shenanigans courtesy of every single Mega Man villain ever–although only Wily and Sigma are referenced. Not surprising, considering they were the most reused. Presumably they’re merging their respective space-times to amass an army of baddies with which to take over the Earth, so Dr. Light and Dr. Cossack respond by making a new mass-production Reploid model armed with “Battle Memory”. The first model goes by the appropriately industrial designation: “OVER-1”.

The “Battle Memory” that OVER-1 will be using allows OVER models to adapt abilities from existing Mega Man characters across time, and this is achieved through the use of scattered Battle Chips you pick up throughout the game. This is how I usually procure memory sticks for my computer as well. Come to think of it, I should make a case mod for my new machine based on the OVER design and refer to its RAM as “battle memory” and memory sticks as “battle chips”. My gaming rig will not only conquer ALL THE TOURNAMENTS, but it will also compute the mathematical formula(s) for ripping the space-time fabric asunder.


Although that fur collar’s gotta go. That’s a fire waiting to happen.


Gameplay seems to consist of separate sidescrolling campaigns called “quests”, wherein you can bring your friend’s custom OVER models along to do battle against legacy Mega Man (X) bosses such as Storm Eagle, D-REX, and that claw-handed robot who looks like Auto from Mega Man 7 that guards the chest plate to X’s first armor . As is the pricing scheme for much of social gaming, Rockman Xover will be free-to-play with in-game items treated as real-world merchandise, although you don’t have to pay for all the items you can get for the game. You’ll be able to run the game on iOS devices from 3G and later, including the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad, although the screen resolution is designed for the smartphone iOS devices. It will also be making an appearance at the Tokyo Game Show this month, so I’m sure all you ecstatic Japanese fans will be there to flood the queue for it.


Extra Sauce: Rockman Corner


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