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[Featurama] Deus Ex Human Revolution Pacifist Guide Part 2


[Featurama] Deus Ex Human Revolution Pacifist Guide Part 2


We are back with another instalment of the Deus Ex Human Revolution guide to the Pacifist achievement. Speed is of the essence in this video as running through each section as fast as shown in the video allows you to skip dialogue of guards and even skip some of their longer more complicated patrol patterns. The first set of guards you encounter is troublesome at times as they are the first and some of the only random guards in the game, occasionally the left guard will stay and the right guard will go, if this happens then you are in for a harder patrol pattern, as the right guard pauses for a shorter amount of time at the end of each patrol. Jumping off the balcony at the second segment allows for a patrol skip amounting to more than 3 minutes of game-play, more if you are going lethal.

This is the last of the short videos, here on out each video will be 8 minutes or longer, with full commentary on complex play sections. The run is segmented however each segment will be tied together as it has in this video. Thank-you for watching, let’s get that Pacifist achievement / trophy shall we?

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