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[Charity] We Have Raised $1000 for Children’s Hospitals. Thank You!


[Charity] We Have Raised $1000 for Children’s Hospitals. Thank You!

In August, the writers at Twinfinite took to Twitch.TV and live streamed 24 hours of gaming content in the hopes that we could raise some money to help children’s hospitals around the world.  We raised $1000 putting the team 3rd overall in funds raised.  I was ranked 6th in overall fundraising.

For this, all of us here want to thank you.

We worked extremely hard to provide good content and I spent 24 hours of my life glued to a console or PC.  It was an awesome first experience for me on camera and I hope you all had as much fun as I did working this event.

We have already handed out all the codes that I personally donated to their respective winners, so if you donated early, you probably have been playing your games for a while now. Check your email otherwise.  Now we’ll be running a secondary raffle. As a reminder, here is the list of games donated by some amazing people:

I seriously want to thank each and everyone of these developers.  This did a lot to get us to our goal.

How to Donate (Because It’s What The Cool Kids are Doing):

Choose a donor below. On Saturday I’ll have a collected page of gamers and the hospitals they are playing for. If you want to do it today, well then please donate to the team members page below!

Support Christopher Hadlock

Support Yamilia Avendaño

Support Mike Eaton

Support Brett McLeod

Support Trey Highland

Fill out all your information and the amount you want to donate. Even if you can only spare a dollar, I will gladly accept it and thank you from the bottom of my heart.

If you want to check our progress, head to our team page.  Share it with your friends, family and other loved ones.

What We Did During G3:

Well, quite a lot actually. Brett Mcleod kicked our stream off with 4 hours of Dark Souls action.  At one point, he was dancing for the audience and ignoring my requests in Halo.  He died a lot for charity while I completed X-Men the Arcade Game for the first time in years. Couldn’t say I did so well in Halo: Reach.

From there, I took over and crashed Commander “Captain Rainbow” Video in to a lot of walls in Bit.Trip Runner and Bit.Trip Beat.  I then switched it up a bit with Swift*Stitch in the stream and just as I started having some troubles, the super cool developer Sophie Houlden hopped on and lovingly mocked my pathetic playthrough until I completed her game.  As a fan and a gamer, this was probably one of the coolest things I’ve experienced to date doing this work.  I was quite proud that I solved her tricky little puzzles without demeaning myself too much.

With Swift*Stitch completed, I moved to games like Pixel Blocked!, Revenge of the Titans, etc. until Mike took over while I went and tried to get Mass Effect 3 to work. I was most unsuccessful in that endeavor.

Mike played through a good deal of Quake as a remembrance of Paul Steed who passed away way too early in life. I forgot how gorey those games were back then. Not sure it was appropriate for a children’s marathon, but this was after hours and had special meaning. Mike transitioned from that to the lovely bullet hell shmups of the eXceed Collection where he also died a lot.

I in the mean time tried to play some Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown and King of Fighters XIII to little success.  Tyler Humphrey can vouch that I’m absolutely terrible against Jacky players and that was all I went up against on both PS3 and 360 consoles.  Seriously guys, there is a full roster of great fighters.

From there we switched over to Yami who had a bear of a time with streaming her Steam games.  She finally gave that up and went old school by beating Aladdin and figuring out the Lion King’s insane ostrich mini-game.  I forgot how hard that crazy thing was.

We then tried and failed to figure out how to get Terraria to work, so we let Mike take over and shoot people in SUPER SLOW MOTION in Max Payne 3 while I played some of Radiangames Fireball to cool myself down after finding out my Mass Effect 3 was borked.  I played through that and then completed the criminally under appreciated Escape Goat (proof for ye doubters is that when you press 2 buttons on the controller at New Game something happens).

Trey who had been having absolutely no luck with his stream, started gathering donations amongst some Team Fortress 2 players while the group handed the reins over to me.

At this point, I took over and played a bunch of games as fatigue set in.  Kolkhoz2928, Dark Scavenger, Instant Death! Panda Samurai, and many many more games were played.  I went through the gauntlet of genres and styles until I finally tired around 7 and needed something gruesome to wake me up.  For about an hour I played Shank until I got to the stripper scenario and decided to turn it off for fear of seeming to adult for a charity stream.  I then returned to Bit.Trip Runner to round everything out as I quite awfully found myself progressing through only 3 levels in two hours.  Fatigue and whatnot.


A Hearty Thank You:

With our goal met, I want to thank you all.  You proved that gamers give and that was the whole point of this event.  Well that and that other thing about giving sick children better health care.  So I want to thank all of you.  I’ll keep saying that because even if it is getting redundant, I really mean it.  We didn’t receive donations from simply one group of gamers, but from gamers all around the world.  Canadian gamers, European gamers, gamers of all walks of life.

That’s amazing to think about.

I also want to thank our developers for their donations.  I went to a lot of developers and a good majority of them fondly supported us.  A few of them just didn’t have any spare codes to hand out in time, but I would wager that 90% of the people I asked got back to me in some way by donating some codes to help sick kids.  That’s why I’m so proud of calling myself a gamer.  We certainly can get riled up about this hobby, but ya’ll are still the coolest cats I’ve ever known. I still want to extend a special thanks to, Sophie Houlden since she was a dear and kept me company on the stream even when I had no idea what I was doing.

Ian Stocker also wants to send one recipient a T-shirt. How cool is that?


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