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[TSFT PreGame] Episode #29: Stealth


[TSFT PreGame] Episode #29: Stealth


Welcome again folks to this week’s edition of TSFT PODCAST PREGAME *applause.* Sorry, that was lame.

This week, we’ll be talking about STEALTH GAMES. What are some of our favorites of the genre? Which games include this element, yet do absolutely horrid with it? We’ll be discussing all of this in our new hour-long format, but not without your help. We need YOUR QUESTIONS! That’s right! We don’t do all of the work around here, we need to rely on our lovely listeners to aid us in when we’re in need.

“But how do I ask questions to you guys?” You’ve come to the right place. All you need to do is either comment below, tweet us @TSFTPodcast, or write on our Twinfinite Sexy Fun Time Facebook Page.

We appreciate your ears each and every week, and I hope you enjoy our mouths. We’ll see you wednesday, folks.

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