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[News] Kojima Announces New Metal Gear Game/Movie. Details Forthcoming


[News] Kojima Announces New Metal Gear Game/Movie. Details Forthcoming

In celebration of the Metal Gear franchise’s 25th anniversary (Happy Birthday from Twinfinite, by the way), Series mastermind Hideo Kojima has announced that not only is a long-anticipated Metal Gear movie ready for development, but a new game is also apparently in the works.

All that is really known about Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes thus far is that it takes place in an open-world setting, and relies less on stealth than previous installments. Beyond that, there are not many details beyond they image seen at the header of this post. Based on that, it appears the series is moving more towards the Splinter Cell style of game which focuses more on fluidity and gameplay. Then again, this is Metal Gear so the only truth is that nobody knows anything at this point.

As for the aforementioned movie, all that is confirmed thus far is a statement by Kojima and producer Avi Arad (Spider Man, Iron Man, and pretty much every other Marvel movie) that they are planning on making it. No details have been revealed about director or cast, or any kind of timeline so there’s a long, long way to go before this actually becomes anything more than just a well-timed announcement.

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