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[News] Tribute Games is Kickstarting Mercenary Kings


[News] Tribute Games is Kickstarting Mercenary Kings

Wizorb was considered one of my favorite games of 2011. I know that it seems like an odd choice, but it had that right mix of difficulty, strategy and classic feel that really brought me back to the days when I first started playing games. So when these guys ask for a bit of extra money in a Kickstarter project, my ears perk up.

The game at this stage looks to be a Metal Slug clone with collectibles and RPG elements.  It is headed by many indie veterans including many of the gentlemen that made the Scott Pilgrim vs The World video game arguably outshine the film it was based on. Jonathan Levigne, Stéphane Boutin, Jonathan Kim, Jean-François Major and Paul Robertson all are huge talents in their own rights.  Together, this game has a lot of potential to be something amazing.

Currently they are looking at 75,000 for their goal.  If they do somehow exceed this, a 2nd and 3rd reward tier has been opened so they can showcase where the extra funds will go to. I’m a color palette swapping kinda guy (especially looking at all the cool stuff Jonathan Kim did with Skullgirls), so I love the idea of the crew putting a lot of time in to defining these characters more.

To find out more about the game head over to the Kickstarter page and see what’s to offer.


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