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[News] Treyarch revamps Multiplayer in Black Ops 2


[News] Treyarch revamps Multiplayer in Black Ops 2


If you think the next Call of Duty will just be the same damn game as the others before it, think again. Black Ops 2‘s multiplayer experience will be unlike what series veterans are used to, due to the changes and additions made to all its aspects. So to provide a quick rundown:

  • League Play revamps matchmaking to separate players into skill-based brackets. Not only might this prevent more serious, mature players from being heckled by obnoxious teenage boys, it gives hardcore gamers potential to play Black Ops 2 competitively.
  • The class system is given a major change to give players more freedom. Instead of restricting players to pick the standard loadout of one primary weapon, one secondary, three perks, and etc, players can roll with six perks and a revolver if they please with the new slots-based system. Although it is possible there may be balance issues down the line, this new system allows for creativity and experimentation, almost unheard of when describing a Call of Duty game.
  • Pointstreaks lets players be rewarded not only for kills, but for little things like playing the objective and working with teammates. An example would be capturing the flag and getting twice the points for killing an enemy, spending those points on a UAV, and acquiring 25 points for each kill your teammates make while its up. Pointstreaks would actually make objectives and teamwork something important and rewarding.
  • New multiplayer modes allow for multiple teams. Ever wondered what it would be like to fight in a 4v4v4 match? Well you will soon get the chance.

These new ideas that break away from the traditions of Call of Duty multiplayer, along with the futuristic setting, will hopefully bring a much needed breath of fresh air the a series so infamous for its stagnation.

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