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[News] The World Ends With iOS Confirmed


[News] The World Ends With iOS Confirmed

I guess the world really did end with iOS with the official announcement of The World Ends With You coming to iDevices.

The new version, titled The World Ends With You: Solo Remix, is the same as the original DS version. All hope is not lost as there are some new features which are explained on the official website. Such new features allow you to control two characters on the same screen (which is sort of a given seeing as though the iPhone and iPad only have one screen). Additionally, with a new fusion system and HD artwork, there is enough here for you to say: “Yeah okay.”

This iOS version will be available as soon as tomorrow on August 27th. It will cost $18 on the iPhone and $20 on the iPad with both English and Japanese options.

Hit the jump for the official trailer.



Thanks to our friends at Siliconera for the info.

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