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[News] PAYDAY: The Heist Gets More DLC


[News] PAYDAY: The Heist Gets More DLC


A slew of screenshots as well as a great-looking trailer have surfaced for the new DLC to one of my favorite shooters of recent memory, PAYDAY: The Heist.

The four-player cooperative shooter developed by Overkill Software and published by Sony Online Entertainment has had a few patches and a couple of   downloadable expansions, but this looks to be PAYDAY‘s biggest one yet. With two new heists, new levels, and new weapons including an AK-rifle, a grenade launcher, the STYK automatic pistol and a sentry turret, this new DLC is looking to keep its fans for the long haul.

The game is copious amounts of fun with friends and won’t disappoint, unless you have the PS3 version. If only Overkill would release more masks. Masks, Bro. Masks are where it’s at. You can watch el video AQUI and be prepared to get excited all over again. The DLC pack is out for PS3 and PC now!


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