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[News] Nyu Media Announces “2nd Wave” of Titles


[News] Nyu Media Announces “2nd Wave” of Titles

Nyu Media has become an interesting new Japanese indie publisher. To their name, they have released some very interesting titles in Cherry Tree High Comedy Club and Ether Vapor Remaster.  Now that they have burnt through most of their initial offering, they are proud to announce the “2nd Wave” of products.

Starting this Fall, the following games will debut:

  • Croixleur
  • Eryi’s Action
  • Kamui
  • Alltynex Second
  • RefleX

With the launch of Kamui, Alltynex and RefleX, the entirety of the Siter Skain catalog of shmups will be available.  This is a company that has been developing shooters since the late 90s, so those looking for some classic arcade action should be pleased.

Croixleur is a 3d action RPG from developer Souvenir Circ. This developer is a straight doujin developer with even a Touhou title under their belt. Croixleur looks to have some interesting boss battles behind it with giant knights and dragons taking up a good portion of the arena.

Eryi’s Action is a Mario style platformer with some I Wanna Be The Guy design mentalities from developer Xtal Sword. Spikes appear from nowhere, things that shouldn’t kill you do, same drill as any of those other platformers that people love to burn their lives on.

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