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[News] Awesomenauts released on Steam


[News] Awesomenauts released on Steam

Ronimo Games’ Awesomenauts has finally launched on the PC. Awesomenauts is a unique take on the MOBA genre many PC gamers are familiar with, due to popular, well-known titles such as League of Legends and Dota2. Players duke it out on two teams of three on a sidescrolling 2-D arena, attempting to take down towers to destroy each other’s bases. The fact that it is played in cartoony 2-D brings platforming elements to the MOBA genre that is unique to Awesomenauts , as well as making the game feel more accessible. Stress about farming, item builds, and bad teams like in other MOBA games are mostly gone in Awesomenauts, as the game is designed to be fast and action-packed. Players even allowed to leave a game on a whim, as they are replaced with bots.

Awesomenauts is sure to provide a breathe of fresh air to those who simply desire a more casual experience while loving the MOBA genre. You can get it along with some exclusive TF2 items from Steam today for $9.99.


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