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[Featurama] Dropping a Combo Attack


[Featurama] Dropping a Combo Attack

Some say that playing Street Fighter is an art form in itself. While watching someone flawlessly pull off a combo can be awe-inspiring, the art at Combo Attack wasn’t too shabby either. From small Day of the Dead inspired dioramas to a 17 Foot tall graffiti wall this art show had an impressive showing.  You can see my impressions of the show as well as my own gallery of pictures after the jump.

I’ll confess that I’ve loved Street Fighter for as long as I could remember, so Combo Attack was right up my alley. I wasn’t the only one who felt this way either. Other people were waiting hours in front of the pristine white building, with the first person in line waiting since 10 a.m that morning. All this just to see some drawings of video game characters. The pieces themselves range in style and substance. No surprise considering they were commissioned from 50 different artists. The beauty of each piece was reflected in it’s price. Some were near affordable, but many knocked out the $100 barrier like it had a glass jaw, with the most expensive costing $1800. These art pieces are destined for only the most die hard fans, but I couldn’t resist buying a few myself. It was a terrible day to be my wallet and I still couldn’t afford that beautiful piece you see above. It’s no surprise that this one-of-a-kind sold the night it was shown.

So the big question: Is it worth going to? Well, yes and no. The opening night is as good as the exhibit will be, unless you really hate crowds. The venue was spacious, but you had to traverse through a narrow room to get there. This lead to many people shoulder to shoulder in a small place before bursting out into the main room. Though since the big crowd is gone you can take time to enjoy the gallery instead of rushing through it. Many of the artists weren’t at the show either, so it’s not like you missed getting anything signed. People who can’t make it during the galley’s limited run can see most of it at Iam8bit‘s store. You can even purchase whatever you fancy, too. My one complaint about the venue was how hard it was to find. It’s only distinguishing feature was a small logo against an all white building. That being said, I’m going out of my way to be sure to go back again before Combo Attack gets K.Oed out of the venue.

I can’t begin to explain how great it is that video games are getting art shows now. I firmly believe that since video games are such a visual medium, we will begin to see plenty of art shows like this for years to come. This one didn’t need to have a collection of games on hand to draw crowds of people, just great art and an amazing opening night. There was a sense of wonder in the air as everyone saw this amazing tribute to their favorite fighting game. The strangest part was when a mosh pit formed around the car piñata. Truly,they had their mind on the fight. If you’re in the area, Combo Attack: 25 Years of Street Fighter will be at the Iam8bit gallery until August 19th.

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