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[News] The eXceed Collection is Finally Coming to Steam


[News] The eXceed Collection is Finally Coming to Steam

The eXceed series has been out on GamersGate, the Capcom Store and even GameTap’s store for a while now.  Those of you with a fancy for bullet hell shmups have had no excuse for not buying this trilogy.  We however don’t live in a perfect world and if it’s a PC game, people want to know why it isn’t on Steam. The short answer as we found with our interview with Nyu Media’s founder Seon King is “unavoidable delays.”  However, that question doesn’t actually matter now because eXceed will be coming to Steam tomorrow August 2nd.

The eXceed Collection contains 3 games from Tennen-sozai.  These games are vertical shooters with crazy bullet patterns as with most traditional shoot-em-ups. To quote my associate Matthew Kim: “It’s hard.”  If you are looking for a challenge and still have some extra change left over from the Summer Sale, check out Gun Bullet Children, Vampire REX and Jade Penetrate.

Check out the trailer below to see if you can handle this tough shmup.

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