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[Charity] Twinfinite Staff Will Marathon the G3 Event Aug. 18th


[Charity] Twinfinite Staff Will Marathon the G3 Event Aug. 18th

On August 18th, Children’s Miracle Network in conjunction with Extra Life will be running a fundraising campaign to raise funds for children’s hospitals around the world.  We here at Twinfinite want to lend our support fully behind getting sick children everywhere the best health care that they can.  Therefore, we have thrown our names in to the hat and will be doing our best for 24 hours during the event.

Any donations you can give us will be appreciated.

Seriously, if you only have a single dollar to donate that is a huge step closer to reaching our goal.  I however am not one to ask for money without showing gratitude. We will be running a raffle for donations if we meet our team goal of $1000 raised.  We are in the process of gathering games for the event from publishers and we’ll have an update at the end of the week.

How to Donate:

Choose a donor below. On Saturday I’ll have a collected page of gamers and the hospitals they are playing for. If you want to do it today, well then please donate to these hospitals below!

Support Christopher Hadlock

Support Yamilia Avendaño

Support Mike Eaton

Support Brett McLeod

Want to Game With Us?

We will be streaming off and on with Twinfinite’s Twitch channel.  Yamilia, Brett, and I will be running on it during the day. Come watch us play video games.

Don’t Have Xbox Live Gold to Game With Us?

No worries. Microsoft is giving everyone free access to online this weekend. There will be no excuse for not jumping in and gaming with us. If you don’t feel like putting your name to this, just donate and keep us company.

Don’t have an Xbox at all?

Doesn’t matter. This isn’t a Charity for Xbox. This is a charity for kids. We’ll be switching up consoles all throughout the night and Yami and Brett will be popping up on the live stream periodically.

Strapped for Cash?

Just spread the word. I’m asking you personally for a donation, but I’ll gladly take some advertising to get people more involved. Tweet it or even retweet it. Make this a thing.

Not American and want to help?

This is not limited to American hospitals. Australian, European, and Canadian hospitals are all represented by this organization. Money is converted and donated in American Dollars, but money will still be going directly to these hospitals. So please donate and help lend international support to this. This is all about children, no matter where they are on the planet.

Those out there with PayPal accounts with a few extra dollars can also donate.

When do we play?

We will be gaming all Saturday so please join us. If you plan on gaming at all on Saturday, August 18th so sign up for the event and gather donations for a hospital. Donations are live right now and will run until the end of this weekend so I do encourage you to participate.

Want to watch us play?

Mike, Yamilia, Brett and I will all be taking turns playing on the twitch channel throughout the day. We will also be playing on Xbox Live and PSN as well, though most of us don’t have streaming abilities for consoles.  Come join us in the chat room and complain about how terrible we are at games. We will have a full schedule of games later on in the week for you to hop on with us.

How to Sign Up and Raise Funds yourself:


Enter your information and how much you are wanting to play for. If you want to, you can even join team Twinfinite.  I can’t promise your donators an entry in to the raffle, but I could never discourage anybody wanting to help out.

Don’t feel like supporting us?

That’s fine. Sign up for your own account and raise donations.  The whole goal of events like this is to showcase that gamers can be some of the most generous people out there.  We want to support people and ask that you do the same.  Go out and donate your time at a retirement home, soup kitchen, or any other fundraiser this weekend. Celebrate the good in humanity by just helping.

Raffle Prizes

(more to be updated by Friday August 17th)

These are the games I have donated myself out of my own collection from various charity bundles across the years:

  • Ben There, Dan That! and Time Gentlemen, Please! (Desura Code, Steam Code)
  • Braid (OnLive Code)
  • Trine (OnLive Code)
  • Osmos (OnLive Code)
  • Rig N’ Roll (Steam Code X3)
  • Space Rangers (Steam Code X3)
  • Theater of War 2: Africa 1943 (Steam Code X3)
  • Reign: Conflicts of Nations (Steam Code X3)
  • Bundle: VVVVV, Crayon Physics Deluxe, Cogs, Hammerfight, And Yet It Moves (Desura Code X2, Steam Code)
  • Bundle: Trine, Shadowgrounds, Shadowgrounds Survivor (Desura Code, OnLive Code)
  • Bundle: Spacechem, TRAUMA, Frozen Synapse (Desura Code, OnLive Code)
  • Bundle: Braid, Osmos, Machinarium, Cortex Command, Revenge of the Titans (Desura Code X2)
  • Bundle: Aquaria, Lugaru HD, World of Goo, Penumbra Overture, Samorost 2, Gish (Steam Code)
  • Bundle: Spacechem, Fieldrunners, Bit.Trip Beat, Uplink (3 Humble Gift Codes)
  • Music Bundle: MC Frontalot, They Might Be Giants, Christopher Tin, Jonathan Coulton, Hitoshi Sakimoto (3 Humble Gift Codes)
  • Music Bundle: ETHER VAPOR Remaster + Fairy Bloom Freesia Original Soundtracks (Bandcamp Code)


Note, this is a list of prizes to be distributed once we reach our goal.  It is incentive to get people to spread the word and donate to charity.  If we fail to reach our goal, all codes will be returned. Music Bundle’s will be auctioned off when each team member hits their goal.

Prizes will be picked with a random number generating website.  If you win and get a game you already own, you are free to give that code to whoever you want.  It is yours.  Any questions about the raffle, please leave a comment below.

To ensure you have a valid entry in to this raffle, you must choose the “Allow participant to see my e-mail address” tab.


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