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[Review] Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt


[Review] Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt

Rejoice all ye faithful for the lord has answered your prayers. Angels Panty and Stocking descend from heaven as foul mouthed and obscene as ever in this uncensored English DVD release. Is this a blessing from the anime god himself or is it a devil in disguise? Hit the jump and I swear I’ll make up for that pun! Oh quick warning. The writing might be a bit NSFW so y’know… If you’re offended by that sort of thing.


Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt is Gainax’s answer to western cartoons, but they ratcheted up the levels in the sex and violence department to extreme highs.

Panty and Stocking are two sister angels that must exterminate demons for these tokens called “Heaven Coins” and with enough can buy their way back into Heaven. Kicked out of heaven for their immoral behavior, it’s immediately obvious after seeing their choice of lifestyle. Panty, the nymphomaniac gunslinger and Stocking, the goth chick samurai with daddy issues…I mean the glutton with some loose morals herself. Together with the help of the preacher man Garterbelt, their…dog? Chuck, and their kick ass Hummer See-Through, Panty and Stocking exterminate all manner of demons.

Simple enough until you throw in the Demon sisters Scanty and Kneesocks, their…dog? Fastner, a geek-boy named Brief and an ancient conspiracy and you have a balls-to-the-walls, hyper-stylized, super-sexualized, foul-mouthed anime about two angels  who just want to do whatever the fuck they want.

You won’t find any deep, metaphorical allegory here but for an immensely fun ride, references to all manners of western pop-culture, and frankly the most enjoyable popcorn fare anime, you can’t do much better than Panty & Stocking.

[+Hilarious as hell][+For a show so into pop-culture, it’s original as fuck][+Eye candy. Sweet, sweet, eye candy]



I have a rule when it comes to dub and it generally proves true: If the show is steeped in western themes (names, settings, motifs) then a dub is usually preferable. So far shows like Cowboy Bebop, Big O, Black Lagoon, and Baccano! help support my thesis. This however, this however has got to be the best dub I’ve heard in years. Jamie Marchi (Panty) and Monica Rial (Stocking) have done an absolutely phenomenal job with the voice work and it isn’t just the leads neither. Christopher Sabat (Garterbelt), Colleen Clinkenbeard (Scanty), Cherami Leigh (Kneesocks), and Joel McDonald (Brief) all do their characters absolute justice and then some.

I wondered how the writing was going to turn out and I was glad to find that the writing staff took the story, ran away to hell with it, and made it their own. One recurring line (“Great vengeance and furious anger”) always puts a smile on my face. I think the biggest fear might be that the English dub might try to tone down the original material but if you want my honest opinion the English writing team may have one upped their Japanese counterparts. Why? Maybe because they have a more comfortable grasp on the creative use of “Fuck, bitch, shit, ho, cock” than the Japanese writers. America that’s why.

But in all seriousness, absolutely nothing is toned down here and everything is much more natural, and dare I say poetic? The “engrish” (though it can’t be denied that the original dub had its charm) just can’t compare. Like I say with Bebop and Big O, the English dub of Panty & Stocking may be the definitive version.

So the voice acting is phenomenal (Serious props to the demon sisters who try their best to steal the show from the leads), and the writing is original, creative, and batshit insane. I don’t see why anybody who was a fan of the Japanese version would pass up this masterful English release.

[+Great voice acting][+Great writing][+Surely this is a labor of love][Don’t call me Shirley]



Included in the 3-disk package is a special features disk. This includes bonus videos, trailers, textless opening, commentary, creator press events, making-of documentaries, outtakes, bloopers, and staff questions. All in all there are a couple hours worth of material here and each of them are definitely worth it. The outtakes and bloopers on their own are hilarious but a lot of behind-the-scenes features add an interesting look at the production behind this interesting show. Even the bonus animated features are fully dubbed. There is a lot here to dig into well after the show is over. The complete set is well worth the relatively low asking price (depending on retailer).

[+Lots of bonus material]


I really couldn’t ask for a more perfect localization than this. Everything about it feels so natural and just right. Maybe its the obvious influences from the west in everything from the animation to the dialogue but everything here just clicks into place. For everyone who snub dubs this is one to look at as an example of the level of quality dubs in the market today. This is a show with a dedicated writing staff who love their work (which shows), talented voice work with adoration of the source material, and plenty or originality. This is proof that there can come along a work that, in the opinion of this reviewer, outdoes the extremely perfect original for all the reasons mentioned above. If you’re a fan of anime and this show sounds like exactly the thing you’re into then there is no reason to pass over this near perfect work.


[+Hilarious as hell][+For a show so into pop-culture, it’s original as fuck][+Eye candy. Sweet, sweet, eye candy][+Great voice acting][+Great writing][+Surely this is a labor of love][+Lots of bonus material]



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