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[Review] Comics Released 7/11/12


[Review] Comics Released 7/11/12

Hola amigos! Another week means another set of reviews. Avengers vs X-Men is hitting its peak. The Court of Owls storyline in the Batman books has wrapped up. The Walking Dead has hit a major milestone by releasing the 100th issue. Dogs are chasing cats. The sun has been rising in the east. All is right with the world. Except for the insane heat outside. Hit the jump for a list of releases and my picks. Goony googoo!

List of releases for 7/11:

American Vampire Lord Of Nightmares #2
Batgirl #11
Batman #11
Batman And Robin #11
Batman Arkham Unhinged #4
Before Watchmen Minutemen #2
Deathstroke #11
Demon Knights #11
Frankenstein Agent Of S.H.A.D.E. #11
Green Lantern The Animated Series #4
Grifter #11
Legion Lost #11
Punk Rock Jesus #1
Ravagers #3
Resurrection Man #11
Saucer Country #5
Shade #10
Suicide Squad #11
Superboy #11
Swamp Thing #11

Avengers Assemble #5
Avenging Spider-Man #9
AvX Vs #4
Captain America #14
Dark Avengers #177
Defenders #8
Fantastic Four Annual #33
Marvel Universe The Avengers Earth’s Mightiest Heroes #4
New Avengers #28
New Mutants #45
Scarlet Spider #7
Space Punisher #1
Spider-Men #3
Takio #2
Ultimate Comics X-Men #14
Uncanny X-Force #27
Venom #20


Avengers Vs. X-Men #7

The Avengers have been outlawed. With three ominous words, “No more Avengers,” Cyclops has made the Avengers public enemy number one. Since receiving the power of the Phoenix, the Five have become more and more removed from their humanity. You can see the corruption that is growing in each of them as they fight the Avengers. The only being they fear is Wanda Maximoff aka the Scarlet Witch, who was responsible for depowering 98% of the mutant population on M-Day. Every battle in this war gets bigger and bigger as the Avengers get more desperate and the Phoenix Five get angrier. The cliffhanger ending has me excited for the next issue where one of the Five goes of to destroy the Avengers by themselves. Mark Morales’ art was made for a story arc like this. Every panel seems to have an element in it that you can see movement in, whether it’s a cape fluttering or sweat dripping. The more striking panel is Wanda unleashing her full power on one of the Five, which was very reminiscent of something she did in House of M. This storyarc is quickly reaching its tipping point and I’m shaking in anticipation.

Batman #11

This is the final issue of the Court of Owl storyarc. Throughout this arc we’re seen Batman bruised, beaten, hunted, broken both mentally and physically, afraid, furious, and vengeful. Instead of the rumors and shadows he’s been chasing however, this time he has a flesh and blood person to fight. This fight has him take a psychological and physical beating but somehow he survives. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this storyarc because of how much it has pushed Batman. In both body and mind, he was at a tipping point. While for most characters a breakdown like this would not be as impactful or relatable, Batman as a normal guy in a costume, makes you feel his pain and anguish. He’s put through things that would break lesser heroes. But he’s the goddamn Batman and even at his worst, he can take anything you throw at him. While this last issue left ended a little disappointingly for me, you should definitely give this arc a read.


Revival #1

I’m pretty sure everyone is just as sick of zombies as I am.  They’re in everything whether they have to be or not. I was skeptical about this book when I picked it up, but lordy am I glad I did. In Revival, people have risen from their graves, but not as flesh-eating zombies. If anything, they are healthier than normal people. What do you do when a bunch of people come back to life and try to rejoin society? Can they be held to the same laws that the rest of us are? That’s what this book seems to be exploring. It reminds me a lot of Brain Michael Bendis’ comic series Powers, except that instead of investigating cases involving supers, the cops in this book investigate cases having to do with “revivers” as zombies are called in this book. I haven’t seen zombies written about from this angle so hopefully the rest of the series is as interesting and creepy (scene with a granny in a barn comes to mind) as this first issue was.

The Shade #10

Sometimes it’s the asshole characters that are the most fun to read. The Shade (Richard Swift) is one such asshole. His arrogance and quick wit make you chuckle, especially when he insults people. Of his own admission, he’s neither hero nor villain, just a guy who follows his whims. The past 10 issues have been both a reintroduction of the character’s history and Shade trying to solve a mystery that has to do with one of his descendants, Dudley Caldecott. He is captured by Dudley and his cult, but even then he retains his trademark prideful nature. Most of his dialogue forces you to, at the very least, crack a smile.  If you want to read a comic with a smartass douchey main character, this is the book for you.


The Walking Dead #100

100 issues is a big milestone for a comic not from Marvel or DC. I know earlier I said that I’m sick of zombies but there’s just something about The Walking Dead that makes it so enjoyable to read. It could be the amazing character development, like that of Rick, Michonne, and the Governor. Or it could be the detail put into the world that writer Robert Kirkman created. Whatever the case may be this series is a worldwide phenomenon and for good reason. There’s something about this issue however, that just punched me in the gut. There have been some dark and depraved moments in this book but this issue went above and beyond. The title of this volume, “Something to Fear”, could not be more fitting. Any book that can reach 100 issues has to be respected for having enough steam to make it that far and only continue to grow. Here’s to 100 more Mr. Kirkman. Unless, you know, the zombies get us.



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