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[Preview] Bust-N-Rush


[Preview] Bust-N-Rush

I’ve always been iffy on runner games. Sure they’re an arcade-like experience, but there seems to be so many that they meld together into one huge mess of repetition. So I started Bust-N-Rush a little jaded but ended up going through the “just one more level” phase time and again.

Score attack games usually never have an amazing story. Bust-N-Rush starts with the main character Kovo sitting in a lawn under the planet’s crust when a spaceship destroys his best friend, a lawn ornament flamingo named Paco. This plot is about as important as it sounds and it fades to the background not a second after you select the mode you want to play. The action is nonstop, and controlling Kovo feels like being a massive unstoppable boulder hurtling toward a defenseless child that dropped his ice cream in terror.

It would help if your character was nicer to look at. The environments are rich and different, but Kovo looks like a bland rock against vibrant colors. Even the destructible objects have a colored hue based on whether or not you can smash them. Other than that, the game is gorgeous for a runner.


Busting and rushing is fairly fun when you finally manage to get into the groove of it. It’s got that easy to learn, hard to master style of play that will have you coming back for more. There are also small challenges you can pick up that had me play a few more levels then I had planned. The pick up and play style doesn’t help my time management either.  Bust-N-Rush is out soon for PC, Mac,  and iPad where you can smash to your hearts content.

UPDATE: It seems Techtonic is holding a beta and prize giveaway for Bust-N-Rush

Get your beta here:

And your contest here:


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