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[News] War of the Roses Beta Signups


[News] War of the Roses Beta Signups

War of the Roses Beta signups went live yesterday. The simplest way to describe this game would be “Call of Duty, with swords”.

Although combat is in third-person, War of the Roses is similar to modern military shooters due to the fact that players are put in a deathmatch-style instance, to duke it out with customizable swords, crossbows, pikes, and other medieval implements. The game seems to provide a breath of fresh air from all the generic “run-and-gun” shooters that have saturated the industry. To me, galloping around on a horse sniping armor-clad enemies with a crossbow seems far more entertaining than running around wildy with an automatic rifle. Having a one-on-one, up-close-and-personal duel instead of dying from someone you cannot see also can be a relief.

Although the multiplayer is the focus of the game, War of the Roses will also have a single-player campaign set in (you guessed it) the Wars of the Roses period, in which two rival factions, Lancaster and York, fight for the English throne. The campaign not only provides a story-driven experience but also prepares players for the online battlefield (Source)

You can sign up for a chance to get into the beta, but if you get five friends to use your referral link access can be guaranteed!

Hit the jump for TotalBiscuit’s overview of the game in pre-Alpha stage.


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