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[News] Total War: Rome 2 Releases in 2013


[News] Total War: Rome 2 Releases in 2013

Total War fans should be very happy to know that the next installment of the series, Rome II, is confirmed to release in 2013. Rome: Total War is considered by some to be the best and most memorable game of the series, and it is no surprise fans have been clamoring for a sequel. According to PC Gamer and RPS, Rome II will be bigger and more detailed than ever. The attention to both the larger scale of leading an empire and commanding a battle and the smaller scale of looking at individual soldiers and units are the hallmarks of the Total War series that separates it from other strategy games.

According to a preview by PC Gamer, players will be able to synergize navies with their armies in the same battle, such as landing troops on a beach. This new feature is just one example of how the game will allow new ways for players to deploy their troops, instead of the traditional method of simply placing them on the battlefield. One of the most notable additions is the increased ability of the camera to view things from different scales. The player can zoom out to view a tactical, overhead view of the battlefield, or conversely, zoom in to view an individual soldier in third person. Not only can players see the whole battle with one swoop of the camera, they can experience the awe of being in the thick of it through a single soldier. Last but not least, the turn-based campaign map will be redesigned, with the peculiar goal of reducing micromanagement while emphasizing the role of individual soldiers.

As part of one of the biggest strategy franchises today, it is no surprise Rome II will be the subject of very high expectations from excited gamers. From what was revealed today, we can be quite sure it will deliver.


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