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[News] Tokitowa Gameplay Trailer


[News] Tokitowa Gameplay Trailer


Okay so I know I haven’t covered this game like I should have, but I’ve been following Tokitowa (Toki to Towa/Time & Eternity) with interest.

Imageepoch’s PS3 RPG Tokitowa is pretty interesting in that it uses hand drawn images for the game. It’s sort of like playing an anime if that makes any sense. Anyways the material for it looked pretty amazing and with Bakemonogatari’s original artists doing the character designs, I was pretty excited.

Well here’s the gameplay trailer and though I find it impressive, it’s not quite…right in my eyes. It sort of looks like the main character is hitting empty space in front of her. Something about the dimensions not adding up in my eyes perhaps.

Well I’ll continue to watch this game from afar as it still holds my interest so ears up (Is this a thing people say?) for further news. There are rumors of a western release If all goes well with the Namco Bandai publishing deal, so stay tuned for further info on that matter.


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