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[News] The Walking Dead Hobbles to iOS This Thursday


[News] The Walking Dead Hobbles to iOS This Thursday

Zombies hobble right? I was thinking either that or “Staggers”. Maybe if there were some real zombies we can better study this question.

Anyways the iOS version of Twinfinite favorite, The Walking Dead comes out this Thursday for…well for your i devices (iPhone 4/S, iPad 2/New). It’ll cost you $4.99 and $14.99 to pre-purchase all the future chapters.

With touch controls supposedly bringing a greater sense of interactivity and the like, this game might be for those of you too busy to buy it on consoles or PC.

Personally I don’t think The Walking Dead is an experience that can be done on the go but hey! Maybe all those emotionally charged moments will be heightened at that cafe you like hanging out in.

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