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[News] Tales Producer Talks Tales of Xillia: No Loss of Content, Maturation of Series


[News] Tales Producer Talks Tales of Xillia: No Loss of Content, Maturation of Series

I’ve only played one Tales game (Tales of Symphonia) and I actually don’t remember whether or not I beat it. My recent purchase of a PS3 has piqued my interest in the series just in time for the news that Tales of Xillia will be coming west.

Recently Tales series producer Hideo Baba spoke to Playstation Blog about their most recent game. It’s an interesting read about the direction the Tales games are heading to expand both their audience and their design elements.

Tales of Xillia was the highest rated Tales game in Japan having received a 39/40 from Japanese game magazine Famitsu. Baba credits this success to the maturity of the title including a mature turn for character design. The change was quite the drastic move for the Tales series says Baba but it seems to have paid off in the end. Milla, the game’s female lead, was designed with a very mature focus and true strength.

Baba also says that there will be no difference or loss of content with the western localization, including DLC.

I’ve become increasingly fascinated with these titles and with the effort to bring more Tales games to the west, I hope people can support the series for this to happen. Maybe this focus for a more mature title will bring in a new audience for the Tales games, using myself as an example.


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