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[News] Ouya Kickstarter Successfully Funds “A New Type of Video Game Console”


[News] Ouya Kickstarter Successfully Funds “A New Type of Video Game Console”


Since it started about thirteen hours ago, Ouya, definitely the most ambitious and interesting Kickstarter gaming project I’ve yet seen, has raised over an astonishing $1,817,000 and will soon double its original $950,000 goal. Branding itself as “a new type of video game console,” Ouya promises a completely open console experience powered by Android, with a low barrier of entry for both the consumer and the developer. Each console functions as a dev kit and costs only $99. In addition, modders are even invited in the Kickstarter video to make the Ouya “their own.”

If it works as promised and receives the support it needs, Ouya will definitely add a new element to the gaming industry that it has never seen before. You know what? I think it has the possibility to do so. In the Kickstarter video, project founder Julie Uhrman says, “The most important part of this to us is the controller,” and Ouya’s certainly looks sexy, with a stylish metallic finish and all of the fixings of a modern controller, as well as an integrated touchpad on its face. Add this excellent design to the low price of entry, intriguing 100% open philosophy, and the high levels of interest already exhibited, and you’ve got a serious new contender. There is only one thing that it needs now- developer support.


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