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[News] NiGHTS Into Dreams… HD is Coming


[News] NiGHTS Into Dreams… HD is Coming

Well this has certainly turned out to be a pleasant day.  Two of my favorite Sega Saturn games are getting a re-release on Steam, XBLA and PSN.  We already discussed Capcom’s revival of Marvel Superheroes. Now, we get news from Sega about NiGHTS returning.

That’s right, the jester is back and sporting a new HD look for those of us who have been waiting to play NiGHTS in widescreen.  Traditionalists however can still play the game in classic Saturn mode with graphics untouched.

Now really the only question is if this release will come with the special Christmas NiGHTS or not.  With a summer announcement, we could be looking at an end of the year release from Sega.  If they aren’t planning a Christmas DLC release to coincide with this, I would be shocked.

Below you can check out the first trailer for the game.


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