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[News] Mojang is Being Sued for “Mindcraft”


[News] Mojang is Being Sued for “Mindcraft”

Well, this is an odd bit of news.  Notch of Minecraft fame has just revealed legal paperwork drafted against his company Mojang. Texas based company Uniloc has brought up litigation against Mojang for the sale of the Android based application “Mindcraft” (notice the typo) for use on cellular phones and tablets that communicate with a server to perform license checks for the purpose of stopping unauthorized use of the game.

In other words, Mojang is being sued because the Android version of Minecraft communicates with a server to see if you bought the game.

If you are thinking this is an unreasonable claim, well, the company seems to have a history of this.  Advertised directly on their website is a list of litigation the company has brought forth against companies like Microsoft and others.  From what I can tell, the company has built itself around enlisting and protecting patent copyrights as its sole business model.

“When you work with Uniloc you can be assured that the software you license from us is being defended vigilantly. We’ve taken on companies that have infringed on our patents regardless of size.”

Pro-tip to Uniloc, if you are going to draft up a lawsuit, at least get the name of the infringing product right.

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