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[News] Mech Combat Game Hawken Will Get Movie Treatment


[News] Mech Combat Game Hawken Will Get Movie Treatment

Not just another ED 209 ripoff.

I… I don’t know why more people aren’t talking about this. Maybe it’s because, historically speaking, movies with robots have sucked. But things in the future will be different – not only are we going to get a Boilerplate movie, but IGN is reporting that we’ll also be treated to a movie adaptation of the upcoming mech combat game Hawken.

Khang Le, CEO of Hawken developer Adhesive Games, told an audience at Comic-Con that there’s more in store for fans of the game, including not only the movie, but comic books, live-action short films, and anime (hopefully featuring blue-haired, overly-emotional mech pilots).

Frankly, the only reason this is “news” is because it’s exciting – the world is long overdue for a mech movie. The rest of it? The expanded universe and all that jazz? Pfft… Angry Birds has an expanded universe. Of course anyone trying to squeeze blood from a turnip has made sure canon has been established with which to launch their franchise into the stratosphere!

But we need to focus on the good, here: ostentatious movie budget, mechs, kablooey.


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