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[News] MangaGamer Reveals Their Plans for the Rest of 2012


[News] MangaGamer Reveals Their Plans for the Rest of 2012

Mangagamer was at Anime Expo once again this year with some big reveals and great deals exclusive to the show.  With Bamboo Milktub and Tamiyasu Tomoe on stage they revealed the final release dates for several of their upcoming visual novels.

The LONG awaited minori game ef – the first tale will be coming out on July 27, 2012.  Bamboo had this to say, “the minori staff are working hard on last minute fixes and tuning just for you guys, and they’re still working on the sequel.”

Likewise, Otoboku – Maidens Are Falling for Me and Eroge! will be releasing in the fall and winter months respectively.  It looks like Mangagamer is working off a seasonal release schedule, but hopefully hard release dates will be revealed soon.

They didn’t just leave us hanging without a few new titles to reveal.  Mangagamer has just gone through some restructuring with a focus on bringing out more titles in a shorter time frame.  It looks like they have their work cut out for them with all the eroge they just picked up.

Starting with a trio of games from Softhouse-seal.  Mangagamer will be bringing over Oppai Sensou – Kyonyuu VS Hinnyuu – which is being localized under the much more fun title of Boob Wars: Big Boobs VS Flat Chests.  The game has a follow up in the works from Softhouse-seal, so this will hopefully be picked up as well.

Next from Softhouse-seal is Kozukuri Youkai H Henka ~Otome o Okasu Hyoui Gattai~ which will simply be localized as Sexy Demon Transformation.  Not a complicated title for a ghost story. “To put it simply, ‘Hentai Pokemon!'” said Bamboo Milktub.

Finally they ended the Softhouse-seal portion with Nakadashi Spy no Sounyuu Sousa -Shikyuu no Heiwa wa Ore ga Mamoru!- or Super Secret Sexy Spy.  If you can’t tell by these titles, this is going to be in the NSFW section of Mangagamer.

Wrapping it up was announcements of Nexton eroge Reizoku no Majo April ~Injoku no Mahou Choukyou~, which is now known as Slave Witch April, and Orion Heart. These games are both looking at a 2013 release.  Right now 4 of the titles revealed above are in translation right now with Slave Witch April and Super Secret Sexy Spy being pretty far in.

Finally, Koihime Musou made splashes earlier this year by selling enough copies for Mangagamer to license the voice talents for the game.  To add on to this news is the fact that this is their best selling title to date.  The only logical choice would be to add on to the Baseson love by releasing their earlier title Harukoi Otome for a winter release this year.  Harukoi follows the harem fantasy of a male student attending an all girls school. It had a OVA release in Japan that some may know.

Well, that’s all there was from Mangagamer at Anime Expo.  Look forward to your visual novels everybody!


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