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[News] Killing Floor’s Summer Sideshow Event is Live!


[News] Killing Floor’s Summer Sideshow Event is Live!

Killing Floor is one of the craziest team based survival games out there. Getting a group of people on Skype to take on waves of distorted, horrific monsters is some of the most fun you can have on the PC. Killing floor, developed by a Georgian indie studio Tripwire Interactive, has several holiday based events, including the Halloween and Twisted Christmas events. My favorite by far was last year’s Summer Sideshow, which introduced a new carnival themed map and temporarily replaced all of the enemies with twisted sideshow freak skins. Pukey the Clown, a self-explanatory giant clown that vomits harmful toxins, bearded ladies that will scream the meat off your bones and giant, crazy-eyed humanoid monkeys with chainsaws attached to their arms.


This year’s Sideshow event features a new attraction on the “Freak Circus” map called “The Hellride”, which allows access to five new weapons. Of course there are a bundle of Sideshow related Steam achievements that will let you unlock the supremely awesome Steampunk Mr. Foster skin. Speaking of skins, this update brings us the “Urban Nightmare” pack with four new characters as well as the standalone DLC “Harold Loft” character, who apparently has won the East End lottery and “leaves a trail of dosh wherever he goes!” This class-based survival game is a total blast and frequently goes on sale.

This event is scheduled to go from today, July 5 to July 23rd and is available on Steam. Make sure you don’t miss out on this rad PC exclusive, and prepare yourself to step into the sideshow.


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