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[News] Hey! Final Fantasy Versus XIII Not Cancelled


[News] Hey! Final Fantasy Versus XIII Not Cancelled

"This pleases me" says character who is most likely emotionally burdened.

Right so there was this thing about Final Fantasy Versus XIII having been cancelled. It seemed likely with Final Fantasy XV becoming a thing that definitely exists and the Final Fantasy XIII title having run its course with two iterations.

Well not so! says Yoichi Wada of Square-Enix. In fact, he just got out of a meeting. A super-secret meeting with Versus XIII’s development team headed by Tetsuya Nomura.

Nobody knows what exactly happened during this meeting but Wada has come out having seen a cityscape so mind blowing it would “knock people’s socks off.”

Now whether this is true or a hallucination brought on by the unholy rituals that occur behind Square-Enix’s bolted doors are yet to be decided.

As you can tell I’m having a bit of fun with this. If the game still exists and looks any bit as what was shown off, then this will be yet another interesting Final Fantasy game that I won’t play. If it somehow disappears then at least we still have XIV, two different XIIIs, and a XV to keep us company.

Thanks Japanator for the news and the quote about the socks.

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