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[News] Haunting Ground Looks At Future Re-Release


[News] Haunting Ground Looks At Future Re-Release

We'll help you escape...again.

The ESRB has rated PS2 survival-horror game Haunting Ground for the Playstation 3 indicating a PSN re-release. The game is pretty damn hard to find (I’ve tried) so I haven’t actually played it yet but I hear…interesting things.

Well for instance a good 40% of the images I found while looking for the header were NSFW.

Anyways, the Capcom game made to follow predecessor Clock Tower 3 has you in the role of the defenseless heroine Fiona as she escapes evil things. Yup, it’s one of those games that gives you two options: Run and hide. It should be nice to finally be able to play this game after a long time in hiding.

Now Siliconera pointed out that it still isn’t as rare as another classic horror game Rule of Rose. I looked it up on Amazon to see what he was going on about and true enough, a copy is on sale for a little over a hundred dollars. Wow. Maybe they’ll release that game on PSN too so I can play that as well.

Thank you Siliconera for the news.

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