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[News] Falcom Reveals New Ys: Foliage Ocean in Celceta Footage


[News] Falcom Reveals New Ys: Foliage Ocean in Celceta Footage

Those PlayStation Vita owners should get hype as Falcom has released a new trailer for their action RPG Ys: Foliage Ocean in Celceta. This new entry into the Ys series is actually not all that new. The game is a remake of Ys IV which has already received numerous remakes.

This will make the 4th time Ys IV has been redone and if you are thinking this is retreading old ground, you will should be surprised that none of the prior Ys IV releases are like the others. The first two games were made in conjunction with each other, however they were developed by two different developers for two different consoles. The third was a PC remake of the Super Famicom version and many were underwhelmed by it.

This is the chance for the Ys IV to have a definitive release and it looks to be shaping up nicely. Hit the jump so you can see the brand new trailer for the game.

Ys The Foliage Ocean in Celceta Demo Movie [Esterior via Japanator]


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