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[News] Exploding Rabbit’s New Kickstarter Project


[News] Exploding Rabbit’s New Kickstarter Project

Jay Pavlina, lead programmer and game designer of Exploding Rabbit, the team responsible for the cult-hit flash game Super Mario Bros. Crossover, has started his own Kickstarter. The new game, if you could not tell from the above image, is titled Super Retro Squad and will run on the same engine as SMBC. Hit the jump for all the info-bits.

While the new game will be sourced from a familiar engine, Jay has gone on record stating that “SRS is not simply a rehash of of SMBC. It will have a lot of new stuff.” With all new and somewhat original characters, Super Retro Squad is Exploding Rabbit’s way of showing their fans that they are capable of not being a one-hit company. Take that Tecmo Koei! Since Super Mario Bros. Crossover used all licensed material, Jay nor the other members made a profit during their almost four year development on the popular browser-based game.

What was originally a $10,000 goal, over 1,500 backers have donated almost $50,000 to the new title. Because of the amazing support, Exploding Rabbit is able to add more features, such as achievements, time attack mode, multiple languages, and even additional bonus levels. With a little under three days to go, now would be a great time to check it out and find out what the team is offering to the backers. You can do that right over here.

Super Retro Squad will make its way to Mac, PC, Linux, iOS, Android, possibly Steam, and the unbelievably successful OUYA.


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