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[News] Awesomenauts Gets New Characters With Patch


[News] Awesomenauts Gets New Characters With Patch


Ronimo Games, creator of the highly-addictive Awesomenauts, announced earlier today that a patch would soon be releasing to the public. The developer explained that the patch was not because something was wrong with the game -which has already housed over 1.5 million battles in a little over two months- but rather, because the characters are just too unbalanced. However, you might be surprised to learn why. Hit the jump for more details.

After exhausting battle research, numerous matches, and “scientific elaboration”, the team came to fruition that, well, there just aren’t any female characters in the game. “We need them girls in the game, plx,” game designer Jasper Koning claimed, to which publisher DTP Entertainment responded, “Aye. Good idea.” True story. This resulted in the creation of two new characters.

The first of which is a female. Though not everything has been specified, a few key details were shared. Her name is Coco Nebulon and she comes equipped with psychic-electric melee skills, which sounds like she will give the rest of the male Awesomenauts a run for their money. The second character is another male. Named Derpl Zork, the nephew of the president of Zork Industries Blabl Zork, Derpl is actually pretty derpy. Lacking any significant intelligence, Derpl relies on his combat walker to speak for him.

Along with the additional players, the patch is also tweaking a slew of inconsistencies (which you can read about here) to make Awesomenauts as awesome as possible. The best part about all of this? It is completely free. Since the game itself is only $9.99 on PSN and 800 MSP, I’m thinking there is no reason you shouldn’t already have this game. I’ve spent a lot of time playing Awesomenauts and with a game like this, all you really want is a good time, and that is exactly what it delivers.

The patch is set to release on the 23rd of July.



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