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[News] An Hour of Battlefront III Footage surfaces. If only…


[News] An Hour of Battlefront III Footage surfaces. If only…


Just yesterday, an hour of footage from the long-ago cancelled Star Wars Battlefront III hit the internet, courtesy of Past to Present Online. Watching the video, I am both amazed and pretty damn sad. Battlefront II was and even to this day remains one of my favorite (if not the favorite) shooters to play with friends. Even to this day, I frequently lament the fact that the third installment will never see the light of day.

Looking at the video, all I can do is repeat that I am amazed. The most impressive part, doubtlessly, is the new layout of battle. I had heard that space battles and land battles would be fused into one within the game, but I never expected them to be so seamlessly integrated, and I sure as hell didn’t expect such enormous levels. Much of the gameplay is very rough, considering the fact that Battlefront III wasn’t quite finished before its tragic cancellation.

Now I’m sad.

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