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[News] 3DS XL Pre-Orders Awaiting “Confirmation From Supplier”


[News] 3DS XL Pre-Orders Awaiting “Confirmation From Supplier”

Curious where the pre-order page is for the Nintendo 3DS XL? With an expected release date so soon (August 19, 2012), we were too. So we got in touch with Amazon representatives to find out.

According to “Jayaraman from,” they don’t have the appropriate information from the suppliers in order to be able to make pre-orders available. Once they get the supply information, they’ll be able to sufficiently empty our wallets.

For the full transcript of my chat with The Jayaraman himself, go ahead and hit that jump…

You are now connected to Jayaraman from
Me:Hello! I was just curious if there was a reason the Nintendo 3DS XL pre-order wasn’t available yet!? You guys are usually pretty on top of this kind of thing, so it got me wondering… thanks!!10:39:41 PM
Jayaraman:Hello, my name is Jayaraman. I’ll be happy to help you.10:39:58 PM
Me:Hi Jayaraman!10:40:11 PM
Jayaraman:Hello Joshua, I’m checking on that for you.10:40:44 PM
Jayaraman:I’m sorry to keep you waiting. I’ll just need another 2 minutes.10:43:10 PM
Me:No hurry – thanks!10:43:22 PM
Jayaraman:Joshua, Thanks so much for your patience.10:48:16 PM
Jayaraman:I’ve checked and see that the expected date of delivery in US is August 19 or may be expected a little earlier.10:49:53 PM
Jayaraman:Our inventory team is yet to get the exact product information availability information from the supplier to make it available for preorder.10:50:32 PM
Jayaraman:Once we get a confirmation on the supply and the release date we’ll confirm that for you.10:50:54 PM
Me:That’s great – thanks for the clarification!10:51:23 PM
Jayaraman:Thanks for your patience and understanding. 10:51:40 PM
Jayaraman:We’ll list the item in our website once we get the confirmation.10:51:55 PM
Jayaraman:Is there anything else that I can help you with? 10:52:01 PM
Me:No, we’re good! Thanks again! Have a good night!10:52:28 PM
Jayaraman:You too Joshua!10:52:39 PM
Jayaraman:Thank you for contacting then. We hope to see you again soon!


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