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[Review] ETHER VAPOR Remaster


[Review] ETHER VAPOR Remaster

Reminiscent of the Macross franchise, ETHER VAPOR Remaster puts you in a futuristic plane armed to the teeth with guns, gatlings, and missiles as you blast your way through gorgeous levels behind enemy lines. If you ever wanted a game that would put you in a sci-fi dogfight against mechs and fighters, look no further than Ether Vapor Remaster. Hit the jump to read why this game is the dream of anyone who grew up wanting to pilot a fighter plane in a classic sci-fi anime.

Ether Vapor is a 2.75D shoot-em-up/Bullet Hell in which you pilot a fighter plane battling its way through waves of enemy hostiles. As you maneuver your way through enemy fire you encounter bigger and badder threats in the form of dreadnought ships to large mechs armed with cannons and blades.

I can’t stress just how excited I was when I realized that this was a dream come true, piloting something straight out of Macross. One amazing sequence early on has the player dodging numerous amounts of missiles in a sequence surely inspired by the classic Macross Missile Massacre. I wish I were a better shoot-em-up player as I can’t adequately do justice to the game as I awkwardly and desperately try dance my way around enemy fire, but any fans of shooters will realize immediately that this is a quality title that does justice to the genre.

Starting with level design, the game shifts perspectives many times from top-down to horizontal angles which makes for a game that feels way more open than it is. Each of the seven levels are rendered in a gorgeous 3D and are always varied which from the cityscape, to the vast ocean, and then to deep space. Ether Vapor is a visually rich game with wonderful design elements.

Likewise, the design of the ships, mechs, and fighters are amazing in that they’re so wonderfully designed they wouldn’t look out of place in the anime the game takes its inspirations from.

The bottom line is: how does the game play? Well, with an arsenal of a straight gatling gun, a charged canon, sidewinder guns, shield, and missiles and enemies that range in size from small turrets to large destroyers, gameplay is fun and varied. As you maneuver your way around the screen taking out all sorts of enemies with your arsenal of weapons it’ll feel as smooth and natural as a shoot-em-up should be.

With great level designs, great weapons, and great enemies, Ether Vapor Remaster is a must for any fans of shooters. Especially when we’re so lucky to get a quality title such as this here in the west.

[+Great design elements]+[Wonderful for fans of sci-fi anime][+Plays like a shoot-em-up should][*High difficulty]

From sound to visuals the game is an absolute wonder. With gorgeously rendered graphics and a soundtrack that captures the high flying intensity of the game, there isn’t much more you can ask for, especially as a doujin title.

The game ran at a fairly smooth 60 fps on my laptop (which isn’t the most advanced piece of tech around). Any sort of rig should have no problem running the game.

Story can be forgiven for lacking when style and design account for much of the appeal. When you’re flying your way across the screen racking up points and in awe of the gameplay, story will seem inconsequential. Still there are some great lines in the game so there’s an added bonus.

All in all, for a doujin game, Edelweiss did a great job in creating a title as rich as this.

[+Looks amazing][+Soundtrack is very fitting][Runs smoothly][*Lack of story won’t hurt]

At $7.99 it’s hard to argue against purchasing the game. With modes such as classic, remaster, boss rush, and online leaderboards the game will have you busy for quite some time.

As with all things, supporting indie development is the first step in allowing for more of these niche games to be released in territories outside of Japan.

All in all you could do a lot worse for $7.99 and not much better if it were another shoot-em-up.

[+Great value for a great game]

It’s lucky enough to get games like this at all but when they’re of such high quality we should feel truly blessed. A game in which I could live out all of my fantasies as a pilot of a futuristic fighter craft taking on insanely awesome enemies is just icing on the cake. When gameplay is this stylish and this right, it’s hard to argue for anything else. If this is the doujin scene of today, then I’m excited to see what else will be available in the future. Until then, treat yourself to Ether Vapor Remaster. If you’re a fan of the genre you won’t regret it.

[+Great design elements][+Wonderful for fans of sci-fi anime][+Plays like a shoot-em-up should][+Looks amazing][+Soundtrack is very fitting][+Runs smoothly][+Great value for a great game][*High difficulty][Lack of story won’t hurt]

Download the game from the official website~

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