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[News] A Phantom Breaker Beat-em-up is Coming to XBLA


[News] A Phantom Breaker Beat-em-up is Coming to XBLA

While we are still waiting for 7sixty to release their oft delayed title, 5pb has gone and announced via Famitsu that a sequel to Phantom Breaker is coming.  Set in a traditional beat-em-up style, Phantom Breaker Battle Grounds will be using 5 of the female fighters from the original game.  It’ll be interesting to see if Mikoto and company will be tasked to fight against M and her master as right now, all I see are generic Terminator-esque combatants.

This should be right up 7sixty’s alley with their experience already being used with XBLA title Kung Fu Strike. It would be shocking to see any game on XBLA remain exclusive to Japan, so I think it is only a matter of time before this finds a way west.

Be sure to check the Famitsu article for screenshots and you’ll be able to see the game in motion below.

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