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[News] Yoshiro Kimura Reveals His New Studio


[News] Yoshiro Kimura Reveals His New Studio

Yoshiro Kimura has been around the industry creating some of the most woefully underloved titles in gaming history.  His first big projects were for Squaresoft’s Romancing Saga 2 and 3.  Though he then moved to Love-de-Lic where he worked in creating the cult Japanese titles Moon: Remix RPG Adventure and Lack of Love.  After the studio went under he moved to Punchline to work on Chulip and Rule of Rose.  Finally has last ventures were with Marvelous working on titles like No More Heroes series and Little King’s Story.

This guy’s resume is a quirky games who’s who.  He is the dictionary of overlooked gems. And now, after working in the industry for decades, he has ventured out once again to a new company.

Yoshiro Kimura has revealed today that new company is the upstart Onion Games. He will assume the role as President and he will be in charge of game design at the company.  No company plans have been revealed, but I expect good things from this company.


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