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[News] Tribute Games Reveals Mercenary Kings


[News] Tribute Games Reveals Mercenary Kings

Wizorb was a most excellent brick breaker clone that was a pleasant surprise on the Xbox Indie Marketplace. Be sure to pick it up when it comes out on PSN. Developer Tribute Games is back with their follow up title Mercenary Kings.

They’ve brought back superstar pixel artist Paul Robertson on sprite work and have tasked Ninja Senki musician Patrice Bourgeault for the music.  Mercenary Kings looks greatly influenced by the Metal Slug series of games.  Their unique twist on the formula seems to be item customization.  Collecting weaponry from fallen enemies to barter looks to be a big theme, so it would be interesting to see if this takes on a Bionic Commando style of interaction between levels instead of the level by level progression found in Metal Slug.

This is their first reveal, so everything is early on in the design.  The concept seems sound with inter-changeable weapons and it’ll be fun to see what kind of monstrosities Paul Robertson can add to the bosses in the game.

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