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[News] Seth Killian is Leaving Capcom for … Something New


[News] Seth Killian is Leaving Capcom for … Something New

Well, sometimes even a marriage made in heaven has to come to an end. This morning, Seth Killian posted a goodbye letter on his blog, saying he is leaving Capcom, where he has worked as their Community Manager since 2006. Killian, a Street Fighter II legend back in the arcade days, is credited with being one of the leading lights in the resurgence of fighting games in this generation, most notably Street Fighter IV and Marvel vs. Capcom 3.

He was vague about what he will be doing after he leaves Capcom, other than to say “I have chosen a new path which will let me embrace a new dream”. Whether or not Killian remains in the video game industry remains to be seen, but one can dream that his plans involve this:



Several of Twinfinite's staff likely contributed heavily to this article, so that's why this byline is set. You can find out more about our colorful cast of personnel over in the The Team page on the site.

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