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[News] Resident Evil 6 Deluxe Editions Announced


[News] Resident Evil 6 Deluxe Editions Announced

Two Amazon listings quietly popped up recently which seemed of note: a Resident Evil 6 Archives edition for the Xbox 360, and a Resident Evil 6 Anthology edition for the Playstation 3. Retailing at $89.99, these each come packaged with four other entries in the Resident Evil franchise, though the included entries themselves differ according to which version is bought.

The official statement from Capcom is that there is nothing different about Resident Evil 6 itself in these packages, simply that they come with extra non-RE6 content. Five games- or, in Archives’ case, four games and a movie- for $89.99 does sound like a steal.

Hit the jump for details on what the packages include.


Resident Evil 6 Archives (X360):

-Resident Evil 6

-Resident Evil Degeneration (feature film)

-Resident Evil 4 HD

-Resident Evil CODE Veronica X HD

-Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition


Resident Evil 6 Anthology (PS3):

-Resident Evil 6

-Resident Evil Director’s Cut

-Resident Evil 2

-Resident Evil 3: Nemesis

-Resident Evil 4 HD

-Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition


Personally, Anthology comes off as the stronger one here, if only because it doesn’t have Code Veronica. You can pick up Resident Evil 6 in all its forms for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 this October, with a PC version coming sometime later.

UPDATE: A post on the Capcom-Unity blog has a different list than Amazon’s. As that is the Capcom blog it’s fair to say their list is more accurate, so the lists here have been adjusted accordingly.

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