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[News] Recap of Nintendo’s Online Conference


[News] Recap of Nintendo’s Online Conference

So tonight Nintendo streamed an online conference showcasing the 3DS. The general consensus is that this was a pretty spectacular move on Nintendo’s end with lots of surprises, good news, and the usual WTF moments. This is a recap of all the new stories that happened during both the Japanese conference and the substantially shorter English conference.

First and foremost Nintendo has announced that the new iteration of Super Smash Bros. for the WiiU will be developed by NamcoBandai’s Tales, Tekken, Soul Calibur team with Sakurai overseeing the whole project. The last time NamcoBandai worked on a first party Nintendo title we got Star Fox Assault. Take that what you will but this is certainly shocking news.

Next we have the reveal of the 3DS LL. Much like the DSi XL, this is an enlarged version of the current 3DS and is 90% larger than the regular version. It will come in two colors: Blue-Black and Red-Black. No white one as of yet but Nintendo tends to hold colors hostages until the next holiday season. Contrary to what people have been saying the system will include an AC Adaptor and 4GB SD card (at least for those in America). It will be sold this August 19th for $199.99

After that Fire Emblem for the 3DS will be coming out in 2013. The game is already out in Japan but we’re going to have to wait a while until we can get our hands on the next strategy RPG in the series.

In celebration of Kirby’s 20th anniversary Nintendo will be releasing Kirby 20th Anniversary Compilation for the Wii and will include the first six games in the franchise, a history book on the series, a soundtrack, and bonus challenge stages.

A round of game announcements such as Project X Zone and Pokemon Black & White 2 the former of which has yet to be announced for North America.

Nintendo will also be ramping up its digital service two new 3DS virtual console games a week during July.

Finally we have trailers. Three trailers to be exact.

One for Square-Enix’s 3DS RPG with the silly name Flying Fairy: Bravely Default, another trailer for New Super Mario Bros. 2, and finally Animal Crossing 3DS. I can safely say that both Flying Fairy and Animal Crossing looked absolutely amazing. New Super Mario Bros on the other hand just doesn’t sit well with me in terms of theme (gold is very much a Wario thing) and the fact that it is just another part of the NSMB series which is quickly running its course with me.

Hit the jump for these trailers (especially the Animal Crossing video).






(Incidentally, the new Animal Crossing looks to place you in the position of mayor of the town.)


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