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[News] Orbitron: Revolution’s Price is Going Back Up


[News] Orbitron: Revolution’s Price is Going Back Up

[Update: Firebase just confirmed that July 2nd is the official date of the price increase.  That leaves you until the end of the month to grab the game for cheap]

It has been 3 months since Orbitron dropped in price.  At a lowly 80 MS Points ($1 real money), it was a steal.  Well, those that were on the fence have had plenty of time to buy.  Orbitron is returning to the 240 MS Points ($3) price point on the Xbox market some time this week July 2nd according to the developer.

This price brings it back to the regular price that the PC port of the game has been retailing at.  If you had any interest in an awesome looking HD Defender for your Xbox, now is the time to pick it up.

You can pick up Orbitron: Revolution on the Xbox Marketplace


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