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[News] Okami HD Announced Along With North American Release


[News] Okami HD Announced Along With North American Release

In a pleasant surprise, Japanese game magazine Famitsu has revealed the existence of Okami HD. That’s right, your favorite goddess and her mystical paint brush powers will now be in HD!

I think we can agree that if one game can absolutely benefit from an HD conversion, it’s Okami. The game was already all sort of visual splendor and I can’t imagine how much better it’ll look now in high definition. Well actually I don’t have to imagine, there is a trailer released by Capcom comparing the PS2 visuals to those of the upcoming PS3 version.

Speaking of which, the game will be PS3 only (as of now) and will be compatible with the PlayStation Move controller.

Now what’s this business of an North American release? Well Capcom USA was quick to let us know that Okami HD will be available as a download title off its PSN store this fall for $20. So hopefully the visuals as well as price are enough to finally let this dog of her day and move some copies of games she has starred in.

Hit the jump for the trailer.



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