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[News] Journey Collector’s Edition Announced; Includes Fl0wer and Fl0w


[News] Journey Collector’s Edition Announced; Includes Fl0wer and Fl0w

art by かわせみ

Every week I get an email from Brett McLeod asking me if I’ve played Journey yet. And every week I tell him “Yes I did, shut the hell up!”

In all seriousness though, Journey is a wonderful game that reaffirmed some of my faith in humanity. Yes, it does live up to the hype.

However, at 2-3 hours long I can’t really say that the game is worth the $15 asking price no matter how much of an emotional reward the experience is. Emotional rewards don’t pay for gas y’know.

If you agree then I have good news for you! Sony has just announced Journey Collector’s Edition which includes the game, soundtrack, and a thirty-minute “Making of” documentary.

But there’s more! Also included is That Game Company’s two previous games Fl0w and Fl0wer along with their soundtracks and bonus Playstation 3 avatars and themes.

All of this is yours for the price of $30 USD.

Yeah that’s a lot of content for the asking price and totally worth it, especially if you have yet to play any of That Game Company’s other games. If you were holding out for a sale, this is probably one better and the bundle is totally deserving of its asking price.

Hit the jump for the trailer.

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