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[News] Humble Bundle Adds 3 More Games!


[News] Humble Bundle Adds 3 More Games!

If by now, for some reason, you didn’t think that the Humble Indie Bundle V was worth your hard earned dollars, well you are insane.  Humble Bundle is placating your insanity however by offering you up three new hit indie titles.

Returning from bundles of long ago, Super Meat Boy and Braid are appearing once again to help support charity.  This go around however a new game has entered the mix.  Super scary 2d hit Lone Survivor is available now. Our own Tyler Humphrey enjoyed the game a lot. This will be the first time the title is offered up on Linux software, so if you penguins have been interested, now you can buy.  Superflat is recommending AIR by posting this on their website:

“So to Linux users, I’d personally suggest trying the AIR version first, it is definitely preferable, but if you’re having trouble with it, and with it being unsupported the Projector should work almost identically, except of course you won’t be able to transfer saved games between them, and you should watch for clearing your Flash cookies with the Projector version.”

This supports charities and independent developers.  It is arguably the best deal in gaming and with the additon of these 3 titles, we’re all being spoiled. All you have to do to get these 3 games is beat the minimum average.  They are then yours to download across Mac, Linux and PC.  Any early adopters that met the minimum requirement will be grandfathered in and should have these games sitting in their lists.

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