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[News] Help the ASPCA with the Indie Underdog Pack


[News] Help the ASPCA with the Indie Underdog Pack

A new bundle appears!

The Indie Underdog Pack is a new bundle that is donating a portion of the proceeds to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA).  It’s an interesting bundle that has had some really unique promotional ideas.  They have a comic book.  They have a decoder ring. I like outside of the box thinking for game marketing and this will go a long way to help animals and some small indie developers.

As much as I love Child’s Play and the EFF, it’s really good to see other charitable organizations getting some help from the games industry.  We as gamers have so much love to give and not enough avenues to give it.

The bundle runs $3.99 for the following five games:

  • 48 Chambers (PC / Desura)
  • Clone Wolf (PC / Mac / Linux / Desura)
  • Drains (PC / Desura)
  • Ichi (PC / Mac / Desura)
  • Tesla: The Weather Man (PC / Desura)

On top of these 5 titles, the bundle will also receive unlockable tiers for additional bundles sold.  If you decide to double the amount by purchasing the Champion Bundle at $8, you are automatically awarded these unlockables regardless of the number of sales the bundle makes.

Check out the IUP Bundle here

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