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[News] Fate/Unlimited Codes Disappears from PSN on June 12


[News] Fate/Unlimited Codes Disappears from PSN on June 12

I’m just giving you all a heads up on this. Due to Capcom’s loss of the license, Fate/Unlimited Codes will be removed from purchase on PSN.  The title is now dropped to $9.99 for those who have not downloaded the title, for whatever reason that may be.  Whether this move will affect distribution of the games code through retailers like Gamestop is unknown.

If you are at all interested in the franchise, either through the Type Moon games like Fate/Extra from Aksys or the anime currently running on Crunchyroll, now is the last time you’ll be able to pick this title direct.  June 12th is only a few days away so stop by your local game distributor and pick up a $10 PSN card for Fate/Unlimited Codes. It’s a nice little fighting game to add to your PSP or PSV collection and you’ll regret not being able to purchase this again.

[Edit: An employee at Gamestop has confirmed that once the code disappears on PSN it disappears for retailers as well -Matt]



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